Alfabloc® Installation

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    1. Alfablocs are delivered upright on a flatbed vehicle.
      NB: Some Alfablocs will be delivered without steel connecting straps fitted (for example, if they are going against a wall).


    1. 2.44m Alfablocs must only be lifted with an approved lifting attachment or with a suitable lifting chain, if lifting loops are to be used in accordance with safety instructions.


    1. Once secured to the forklift tines the lifting attachment is inserted into the hollow of the A to lift the Alfabloc.


    1. 3.05m and 3.65m Alfablocs are designed to be lifted using the horizontal cross member, 1.4m above the base of the Alfabloc, and therefore no attachment is required.


    1. If creating a 3 walled bay of Alfablocs, start in the corner and use the optional steel corner section. This allows Alfablocs to be placed at right angles to one another forming a secure sealed corner.


    1. Alfablocs fitted with corner sections are moved into position the same way as normal blocks fitted with connecting straps.


    1. If installing the Alfablocs against a solid vertical wall, then the strapless units should always be used to begin the installation of each new row of Alfablocs.


    1. Attach the lifting chains to the top of the Alfabloc.


    1. Always lift Alfablocs into position with the connecting straps facing away from the forklift (i.e. facing towards the installed units).


    1. Align the Alfabloc with the previously installed unit.


    1. Lift the Alfabloc approximately 450mm from ground level to enable you to lower it into place over the installed unit.


    1. Once in position lower the Alfabloc into place so that the connecting straps fit securely over the installed unit. DO NOT attempt to install Alfablocs by inserting the unstrapped end of one unit into the strapped end of an installed unit. Alfablocs must always be lowered into place as described above.


    1. To secure Alfablocs in place, first loosen the blots in the 2 connecting straps of the freshly  installed unit.


    1. Align the holes in the front edge of the connecting straps with the holes in the previously installed unit. Insert bolts and tighten to secure the Alfabloc in place.


    1. Re-tighten the previously loosened bolts in the newly installed unit.


    1. Repeat the process (steps 8 – 15) until the desired number of units are installed in each row.


    1. Attach steel end cover, if required, by bolting into the holes in the last unit installed in each row.


    1. The Alfablocs can be freestanding or alternatively bolted to the concrete by using threaded fixing bars. Extension tops can also be added to gain extra storage.